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Naukowo pochwalone rezultaty obsługiwania aneksu kankusta duo

  • May 23, 2017 7:18 PM +07
    Woozworld is a browser-based digital MMO earth in continuous development made for tweens (ages 9-14). In Woozworld, tweens talk to eachother, play, and may correctly develop their particular galaxy. Woozworld has numerous activities predicated on childrens’ tv-series that is popular in addition to creative benefits.


    Every kid could:

    • Build and modify his/her Woozen with components
    • Create his/her Unitz
    • Election to discover the best Unitz
    • Play and view countless games and videos (by area)
    • Speak and start Spellz battles with others people and pals
    • Take by storm on the-world and complete diversified tasks
    • Make Beex to get items
    • Take Part In Woozworld’s animations
    • in addition to additional free advantages!
    • Your child’s online safety is our principal priority!
    • Woozworld can be secure atmosphere that is 100%
    Information that is personal that was • is protected
    • Conforms Online Protection Act” norms


    • Gaining Beex for every steps
    • the currency for members only, Getting Wooz
    • Use Of unique clothing and accessories for your Unitz and your Woozen
    • Use Of unique Spellz and ballots that are extra
    • A weekly Wooz allocation for subscribers only


    In woozworld game, each gambler can create a world predicated on his creativity and select if she or he really wants to discuss it with other Woozworld Citi’zens as well as his buddies. By hitting the Include container he can additionally decide to create contrasting Unitz. By picking to position doors and setting them destinations (a friend’s Unitz, a Public Zone, another of his own Unitz), your youngster can create a planet to his objectives.


    OS: cpu 1 GHz Intel Pentium III (or equivalent) and outstanding, 256MB RAM
    Mac-osx: 1 GHz PowerPC G3 and, 512MB Memory that is exceptional
    Internet connection