Review: The FIFA Cover Star for Each Year


    fifa 17 coins Starting from the 1993 FIFA International Soccer, the FIFA series has been accompanied by us for 23 years in a total of 24 generations of the game. Every 'Great Player' gave us a long look on the cover of FIFA and it all turns into our precious memories.

    FIFA International Soccer(what we always called FIFA 94)
    The Cover Star are the English player, David Platt, and the Polish player, Piotr Świerczewski.

    FIFA 95
    There was the first time for appearance of a single player feature on FIFA 95 Cover where there was Erik Thorstvedt, the Norway player, who worked for Hotspur. He was also the first goalkeeper staged on the FIFA Cover Star.

    FIFA 96
    The cover turned back to 2-player features that Andy Legg(from Notts County) and Ioan Sabau(from Brescia) staged on the American version cover, Frank.Der.Boe(from Holland) and Jason McAteer(from Ireland) staged on the European version cover.

    FIFA 97
    David Ginola, who played for Newcastle FC then, became the FIFA 97 European version Cover Star and motion captured in the game was done by him. And on the American and Asia-Pacific version cover, there was the Brazilian player Bebeto. It's the first time that the Cover Star was the world-class star.

    FIFA 98
    FIFA 98 had many versions that David Beckham, Paolo Maldini and Andreas Möller and so on staged on the corresponding area cover.

    FIFA 99
    The FIFA 99 Cover Star(the world version) was 'Iceman'-Dennis Bergkamp. The other versions here: Kasey Keller(the US goalkeeper), Fabien Barthez(the French goalkeeper), Nakata Hidetoshi(The Japanese midfielder), Olaf Thon(the German Defender), Rui Manuel César Costa(the Portuguese attacking midfielder), Christian Vieri(the Italian scorer), Ahn Jung-Hwan(the Korean striker) and Fernando Morientes(the Spain striker).

    FIFA 2000
    There was no the cover of the world version of FIFA 2000 and here were the cover stars: Sol Campbell(the English defender), Vincenzo Montella(the Italian 'Aeroplanino'), Josep Guardiola i Sala(the Spain 'brain'), Emmanuel Petit(the France 'iron midfielder'), Jaap Stam(the Holland midfielder), Pär Zetterberg(the Swedish star), Eddie Pope(the USA star), Vassilis Tsartas(the Greece star), Mehmet Scholl(the German midfielder), Simão Mate Junior(the Portuguese winger) and Kim Byung-Ji(the Korean goalkeeper).

    FIFA 2001
    There was no the cover of the world version of FIFA 2001 and here were the Cover Stars: Paul Scholes(English version), Edgar Steven Davids(Holland), Ben Olsen(US), Joao Pinto(Portuguese), Gaizka Mendieta(Spain), Filippo Inzaghi(Italian), Lothar Matthaeus(German), Thierry Henry(French), Leonardo Nascimento de Araújo(Spain) and so on.

    FIFA 2002
    As the host of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, Japan and South Korea got their representative players on the covers as Nakata Hidetoshi and Myung-Bo Hong. The other Cover Stars are: Francesco Totti, Roberto Carlos, Iker Casillas Fernández, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Nuno Gomes for his first time and Thierry Henry for his twice. fifa coins