Factors affecting SMPS transformer run loss

  • 1. SMPS transformers

    Of the material type Transformer material is mainly used for the production of iron core and winding materials, from the past, the ordinary iron core, the development of the current amorphous alloy core transformers, three-phase oil-immersed core transformers and other new materials transformer , Due to the application of new materials, making the current transformer magnetic permeability compared to the traditional transformer has been greatly improved, so now the transformer running loss has been increasingly dependent on the material permeability and other properties.

    2. the SMPS transformer load type transformer by SMPS transformer manufacturer to connect different types of load for the transformer in the actual operation of the loss will have a certain impact, mainly because the load type in the grid, including inductive load, non-inductive load and other types of load, Different types of loads can affect the efficiency of the transformer during power conversion and distribution, resulting in an impact on the loss of transformer operation.

    3. the transmission status of the SMPS transformer as a key part of the conversion of power and power conversion, will inevitably participate in the grid connection and operation, the grid voltage conditions will also have some impact on the transformer operating loss, such as grid transmission voltage using ultra high pressure Transmission, the transformer running loss will be relatively small, the power conversion efficiency is relatively high.

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