The Use Of Chip Inductors On Mobile Phones

  • The chip power inductors has a sharp rise in the impedance in a frequency region, so that a higher attenuation effect can be obtained in a specific frequency region without affecting the signal. Because of these features, the patch inductor can be solved: the power inductor in the phone's power supply circuit using DC-DC converter, and induce the power circuit instability. Of course, the electromagnetic coupling between the power supply circuit and the peripheral signal lines can be reduced, and the noise-induced signal purity can be suppressed.

    The small, thin demand for portable devices has led to the need for smaller components to be mounted on the components by chip inductor manufacturers . The miniaturization and thinning of the DC-DC converter in the power supply circuit can make the switching frequency higher and the surrounding components become smaller.

    DC-DC converter power conversion efficiency and power inductor performance. PFM is the mode in which the handset maintains a low current load in standby mode, when the power conversion efficiency performance is related to the power inductor Rac (AC resistance) and the current-sense parallax characteristic. The Rac characteristic switching frequency of each power inductor is the power conversion efficiency characteristic of the 4MHz DC-DC converter IC.

    The Rac characteristic is shown, and the stacked inductor can sufficiently suppress Rac. At the same time, the current-sense paranoid characteristic shows that it also ensures high sense of value when the current is energized and has good power conversion efficiency characteristics. These capabilities can achieve the phone in the standby mode of high power conversion efficiency, to extend the battery life to contribute.

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