The Relationship Between The Output Power And Magnetic Core Siz

  • To make the transformer output more power, we hope that in the case of a certain voltage, the number of turns as much as possible, the wire as thick as possible. This will help to provide a larger current, the output of greater power. larger core cross-sectional area, which requires a larger core window area. Therefore, to obtain higher output power core size must be large enough for the job. Transformer magnetic cores primary winding turns can be used to calculate the following formula: At a certain voltage, increasing the cross-sectional area Ae, increasing the operating frequency f and selecting a larger peak magnetic flux density, Bmax, is advantageous in reducing the number of turns and increasing the output power. However, the core loss (iron loss) 2.7 1.7 f power and the power of exponential growth, but also by Bmax core saturation limit. Therefore, improving the operating frequency f and select a larger peak flux density Bmax are limited. most suitable Switching power supply ferrite core frequency is usually limited to 10-50KHZ within, Bmax limited to 2000G (Gauss) or less, generally take Bmax = 1600G more appropriate.Therefore, the power depends mainly on the core cross-sectional area Ae, followed by the operating frequency f Control. But it must be clear that this control relationship is indirect rather than straightforward, Ae is increased and f is raised only to represent the same voltage, allowing the number of turns to be wound less, and only the actual number of turns is reduced to increase the power . If a large core and a small core on the same material, with the same wire around the same number of turns, the same input voltage output power is basically the same. Similarly, if a good magnetic cores manufacturer , change the operating frequency, it will not lose the The power increase. Increase the input voltage to increase the power; if you start from the transformer, you can try to properly increase the wire, while the frequency increase some to allow the number of turns can be reduced, so you can increase the output power. window area Ac limit. by cross-sectional area of ​​the wire around Ad N ring, U-type core for large window area of ​​the high-voltage power applications, but the longer magnetic circuit, primary and secondary coupling is poor, a large leakage inductance. Once again stressed that the calculation of the maximum power is only the ability to explain the core, large material can be used, small material to use. More magnetic cores in