The young players can change the Cleveland team

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    In the NFL draft the cervix, locked by almost all the media before the draft, the defensive end of the university of Texas a&m feng (DE) myers, leite (Myles Garrett) no suspense with draft signed by Cleveland browns selected, becomes the first draft was born since 1936 from Texas a&m university took the lead. First round was drafted by Cleveland brown the same universal genius players Madden 18 Coins from the university of Michigan gabriel - palin Perth on top LangJiaLei restructuring with brown weak defence team, this time the two young people whether can change the Cleveland team the team situation in one thousand?


    Tom brady is the most magical low-rotation quarterback miracle in history, and brown is no doubt the most magical low-rotation miracle. Influenced by his family environment, brown had a poor academic record and failed to get into a football school. In the 2010 NBA draft, he is also considered only speed, run a route will only back to a player, that year for 21 wide receiver is selected before brown, brown after being selected, however, is to rely on, day after day of hard work, let oneself more than today's level in front of everyone. In 2014, his 1698-yard line was in season 8 of the season, and his 1834-yard history was no. 4.