The Los Angeles Kings acquired Marian Gaborik

  • During the 2013-14 season, the Los Angeles Kings have acquired Marian Gaborik and have qualified for their fifth straight with the sixth best West result. In the first round of 2014 playoffs, Kings played their rivals in the state, San Jose sharks. After losing the first three shark games, the Kings have become the fourth team in NHL history to win the four finals of a game after starting off three games at noon, knocking sharks in San Jose in the decisive game. In The Second Round, Kings have played another rival in the state, Anaheim. After starting the series with two wins, the Kings lost three straight matches, dragging the series three games to two. For the second time in the first two rounds of the playoffs, however, the Kings managed to raise after falling off in series and defeating the Ducks at Anaheim in Game 7.


    In the third round, the Kings jumped out of a three-to-one match against Chicago against Stanley Cup, but could not finish the series in the fifth and sixth game. On June 1, 2014, the Kings won the Stanley Cup Final for the second time for three years after winning the 7th, 4-3 match, with a goal of Alec Martinez, winning the third title of the Western Conference in Franchise story. The Kings have become the first team in NHL history to win three Game 7 on a trip to Stanley Cup Finals. Not only the Kings, the first team in history, have achieved this success, but have also been able to win all the sevens of play on the opposite ice. For the third time the Kings were finalists after finishing third in their division and sixth or lower in their conference.


    In the final, the Kings were at the New York Rangers winner of the Eastern Conference, who had defeated the Canadiens of Montreal in six matches in the Eastern Finals. The Kings have won the Stanley Cup in five games, culminating with an Alec Martinez goal in the extraordinary second time at Game 5 at Staples Center. The championship race had a record 26 league leagues (1986-87 Philadelphia Flyers and 2003-04 Calgary Flames are the others), with Kings having eliminated a record seven times. With their Game 7 victory in the finals of the conference and wins In the first two finals of the Final Cup, they became the first team to win three consecutive game games after dragging more goals in each game.