We want to get a chance to play the finals

  • Kevin durant's contract will expire, he will become a free agent. Talked about his future, durant said: "we lost the ball just about thirty minutes ago, so I haven't thought of the problem." "For us, we want to win a championship, we think there is no place in this kind of thing," durant said, "we are angry, we want to get a chance to play the finals, so sad, but when you sit down and look back on the events of the season, you can be proud of these players, proud of thunder from top to bottom all." www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile


    "That's sense of honor, effort, passion and love of the game, that kind of pure love of the game, every night every day came to the arena, you can feel this kind of feeling, feel the energy of every man, I'm proud of this season we experience these, we together, we sacrifice for each other, this makes the game is very special." Durant said. "Losing make people hurt, but everyone is on the pitch every moment together, will they all stayed in the court." Durant said.