The new coach anatoly bishowitz

  • The only match the Russian team won was against Cameroon, who swept the match 6-1, with oleg sarenko scoring five goals alone. Pavel sadilin was sacked as the team underperformed. In the 1996 European cup, the Russian football association appointed oleg romansaf as the main coach. Russia performed well in qualifying, winning the first round of the group in 8-2. They were divided into group C in the finals, along with the Czech, Italian and German teams LOLGA. Russia fared poorly in the group stage. Their 3-3 draw in the second runner-up, the Czech republic, 0:3 defeated Germany, 1:2 failed Italy to qualify for the knockout stage. The Russian team did not qualify for the World Cup finals in 1998. They are also thought to be the favourites to qualify for the World Cup before the start of qualifying. The head coach of the Russian team was Boris ignatieff, who had the chance to lead the Russian team to France. But they lost to Italy in the final round and lost their qualification to the final round.


    In euro 2000, the Russian football association's hopes were pinned on the new coach anatoly bishowitz. But they lost to Ukraine, France and Iceland in three consecutive pre-season games, which led to the dismissal of bi showiz, who replaced him as oleg romansev. At the beginning of his tenure, he did a good job, and the Russian team even beat France at home. But they still have no chance of qualifying because of another loss to Ukraine. But he led Russia to the 2002 World Cup. They were divided into group H, one of the weakest teams in the tournament. At first the Russian team did well and they won the first match against Tunisia. But since then they have lost to Japan and Belgium, failing to qualify for the knockout stages. The coach of the euro 2004 Russia team was valeri gazzev. As in previous years, the team qualified for the championship but was eliminated in the group stage. They are in group A with Greece, Spain and Portugal. Russia lost the first two matches against Spain and Portugal and failed to qualify for the knockout stages. But in their third match, they beat the subsequent champions Greece 2-1.