Derrick Martell Rose won the MVP

  • On May 4, 2011, the NBA announced that when the season's regular season MVP was vested, Derrick Martell Rose received 121 first-class votes from basketball reporters and commentators from North America, Star Howard, with an overwhelming advantage to get this MVP trophy, he also became the 2006 Nash won the MVP since the first to receive this award point guard, has become the history of the youngest to take the regular season MVP player of!


    In the face of an almost ruined career injury, he and the Bulls also slowly strangers, his poor play also let the Bulls lost patience, and finally traded him, came to the Knicks, we Although it is difficult to see the injury before the Ross, but in the game we can often see Ross's rod layup. And now Ross has become a completely free agent, he will join what team to achieve their dreams


    In fact, in the current league, there is a team is very suitable for Ross to join, that is the Eastern Union Milwaukee Bucks, this young team played well in the last season, became the East can not be ignored a force. Once he joins the Bucks, then he will most likely once again realize his all-star dream, after all, the Eastern Union's competitiveness is very small, and if it can get a good play in the east, he will most likely help the Bucks with The Cavaliers compete!


    In fact, for many Ross fans, he would like to Ross to join the Spurs such a team, you can play in such a system will be very enjoyable, and joined the Spurs are likely to give the Spurs a certain degree of competitiveness, So that they can also compete with the Warriors and the Rockets in the Western Conference. But for the Spurs, their salary is likely to be difficult to give Ross satisfaction, so the possibility of joining the Spurs do not seem big!


    For Ross, he is likely to sign a 1 + 1 contract this season and then search for a big contract again after the end of the season. This year's play will most likely determine his career's next move The In fact, the author is more hope that Ross can join the eastern part of the Bucks, after all, competitive pressure is small, Ross has the opportunity to once again realize his all-star dream, which for an veteran is also very important!