The latest ranking of the world soccer team

  • FIFA today announced the latest ranking of the world soccer team, Argentina to score 1634 points to win the first, Brazil to 1544 separated by two, Germany points for 1433 points away third.

    FIFA men's soccer world top 10.

    Focus on Asia, Iran ranked 29th in the world, won the Asian Football Association member countries first, second, three were South Korea (37) and Japan (45). Taiwan ranked 157, lost to 139 in Hong Kong, 134 in Vietnam, and 126 in Thailand. North Korea ranked 125.


    The FIFA formula is calculated as P = M x I x T x C. M means the score; M means the results of the event, the winning team was 3 points, the losers to 0 points, tie each have 1 point; I for the importance of the event, such as the general friendly (including small events) points , If into the FIFA World Cup final, points 4.


    T for the enemy team strength, calculated by 200 FIFA's world ranking, with the world's first team duel can get 200 points; for example, Taiwan on the world's second Brazilian team, can get 200-2 198 points, If the opponent for Argentina, you can get points 200 points. In addition, the enemy team ranked 150 or less who received points 50 points.


    C for the league strength, the data obtained from the league in the FIFA World Cup over the past three times the number of wins based. The South American Football Association (CONMEBOL) has a score of 1, the European Football Association (UEFA) of 0.99, the Asian Football Association (AFC), the African Football Association (CAF), the Oceania Football Association (OFC), and North America and the Caribbean Sea Soccer Association (CONCACAF) points of 0.85.