Rocket League has been sold million copies

  • Rocket League game is still not reduced the current heat, before we have reported that the game has been sold at the end of May 5 million copies, when the number of players is 15 million game. In the recent, with the release of the game version of the game and the game's latest DLC listing, the game development team in its official Twitter posted a statement to celebrate the number of players further soared to 19 million. More than two months time, the number of players increased by 4 million for an independent game is indeed a remarkable achievement.


    As a need for players in the game driving a car "playing football", "playing basketball" and "kicking ice hockey" unique game, Cheap Rocket League Items Xiaobian after the experience, and most players feel the same: the game itself The difficulty of getting started is not small, but very random, basically familiar with the operation, and Ji You online game is full of fun. But the game is currently no server in the mainland, want to play online mode also need to help the accelerator.


    With a very interesting play and a good picture, this game developed by Psyonix players in the mouth has accumulated a very good reputation, while its game is a very good match system and high competitive for the players to bring The fun of the game experience, so this game can be regarded as a player through the word of mouth and gradually popular up the success of the work.