The team had enough opportunity to win the game

  • Ram believes the team has created enough opportunities for Ram to think the team has created enough opportunities。Coach Ancelotti said after the game: "The team played well, high strength, creating a lot of opportunities.But like this draw, and sometimes always happen." Muller also talked about the opportunity to waste the opportunity: "We have a good performance and attitude, but the ability to grasp the opportunity to become a fatal problem.If you do not score, it can not win.We have 3-5 times a great opportunity, I also have a good chance, But made the wrong decision.For the performance of the team, we are annoyed. "Captain Ram also said that the team had enough opportunity to win the game. Robben said the team's performance is actually pretty good, there are enough opportunities, the only thing that can not be done is the goal.( LOLGA is a credible site that can offer your some kinds of coins ,such as NBA Live Coins ,Madden 17 Coins,NHL 17 Coins and FIFA Coins ect.)


    "We are trying to run the pre-match plan from the start, and most of the time we have achieved success," he said. "The positive side is that we have created some opportunities, but we have not caught it. , You still want to score goals, the goal is possible as a winner to leave the stadium. "And Real Madrid said the second round of the game, the Austrian star said:" From next Tuesday there are a few days, we believe that the team. Full of power, and look forward to the game with Real Madrid.We hope to make every effort and success. "Muller also expressed confidence in the promotion:" in Madrid game, (to qualify), we do not need to play Barcelona Football miracle.