Federer's achievements for tennis fans

  • Little partner, yesterday your friend circle has not been warriors 4-1 victory over the knight won the championship message scraper? In fact, in the tennis, but also has a group of stars, in the talent, ability, achievements and other aspects of the NBA star who has many similarities, to see your heart "he" and "he" is not condemnation it


    LeBron James & Roger Federer

    Born in 1985, LeBron James and Federer are the same with high athletic talent and skills players. They always have unlimited creativity in the field, they use their superb skills always break through the limits of sports, while maintaining a wonderful balance of strength and beauty.


    Although the two men engaged in different sports, but have created a surprising achievement, these achievements stand in the peak of history, may be able to see the future we can not be beyond. LeBron James is the history of the NBA after the legendary Michael Jordan, the second in a single season to win the NBA championship, NBA most valuable players, the NBA Finals most valuable players and the Olympic championship medals Grand Slam players .


    Federer's achievements for tennis fans, even more Needless to say, he has no one can and 18 Grand Slam title, and 237 weeks for the world's first record, and he is constantly refreshing the list of historical achievements The More similar to the two in recent years have also experienced a brief low tide, but we are not optimistic about the situation and a strong rebound.(To View More About NBA 2K18 MT at the reliable site www.lolga.com/nba-2k-18/nba-2k-18-mt )


    Stephen Curry & Rafa Nadal

    For Nadal to find endorsements, we may be the first thought of the physical quality of super players. But from a deeper point of view, Nadal's iron will plus his excellent physical condition, so that he has a time in the era of Federer, to be able to strongly block his great opponent.


    The NBA's Stephen Curry is also such a great player, in the 2015 playoffs, he led the team out of LeBron James led Cleveland Cavaliers, and in the final won the NBA championship. 16-year regular season, he led the team to obtain 73 wins and 9 losses, breaking the Michael Jordan led the Bulls record set. In the playoffs once again face LeBron James, in the total score of 3: 1 good situation, the last regret to reverse, in the basketball court played a classic "King of Battle."


    Coincidentally, on the second day of Nadal's crowned French Open this year, the Warriors in Curry also won the championship.


    Nadal and Curry have excellent physical condition, their super long range of attack power and a wide range of coverage of the stadium, will own the stadium has become incredible, to the opponent caused great pressure.