Cleveland's dirty secret

  • The fact is that Cleveland players in the Warriors 113-91 lost their own failure to break their own failure: either in the fast break time to stop Durant, or let Steph Curry and Klay Thompson open three-pointers, or run Go out to stop curry, dunk to Durant. Immediately calculate to tell them that it is best to allow two points instead of three points, so they leave Durant. But intelligent mathematics does not always send the right information.


    The image of Thursday night is Durant wearing a hurry knight. And in the final, Cleveland's victory is already a failed battle.


    If the Cavaliers are to win the second NBA championship, then they must be a stronger team. They must be a modern bad boy teenager, with elbows and buttocks to rule the paint, not from the flying Durant who slip away. For a need to show the team, this will be the series of bully, Cleveland inexplicable.


    Some of the knights' attempts could be a spoiled game plan. Their coach Tyronn Lue later called it a part of "retrogression", adding: "When Durant has a ball, you do not want to leave him and get the gunmen." He said Cleveland had another intention of defending, without elaboration What may be.


    Last year, the Cavaliers won the championship, defending the outside, harassing the library and Thompson, and challenged the gold state to win the low, the Warriors team was not strong. Once the center Andrew Bogut broke his leg in Game 5, Golden State became particularly vulnerable. But such a plan is not as simple as Durant. Because he can be in the inside and outside the positive attack, the defenders can not simply launch the three-point line. They have to defend closer to the basket, even with the release of curry and Thompson is their most dangerous risk.


    Cleveland's dirty secret is their better defensive team in this series. They may be due to the fierce defense and get an unnecessary reputation, because the curry was eliminated in last year's final, the Cavaliers at the end of the seventh game looks more difficult. But because Golden State has a beautiful attack does not mean they are not a strong defensive club. On Thursday, the soldiers forced Cleveland to miss 65 percent of the field and hit the ball 20 times. When a team shoots inadvertently when the shot is not good, it usually loses, regardless of the design of the defensive plan.