Bob Boughner is impressed

  • A few weeks ago he did not take Dell Tauron for a long time to know that he had the perfect candidate to fill the Florida Leopard's head coach vacancy. Although the general manager of the Panthers continues to interview the prospective coach - 15 people through his account, there is also a "six dozen" - Tallon knows Bob Bowner is the right staff.


    "Bob Boughner is impressed by what we do not have any other people, and he introduced the franchise history of the 15th head coach at the press conference in South Florida on Monday," Talon explained.


    "His performance, his preparation, his passion let us leave the park."


    "It's incredible, very impressive" Tallon says how to prepare Boughner is. "He drove us away, we got together a few weeks ago, and we found the right person.


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    In the past few years, he was an assistant coach of the San Jose Shark team, and Boughner brought an impressive and comprehensive resume for his first national hockey league coach. (Cheap NHL 17 Coins is provided for you at the reliable site ) Boughner appeared in 630 games, as a sturdy defender, six teams in the NHL career across ten seasons, won the nickname "The Boogey Man" on the road. Since retiring, he was the boss, president and head coach of OHL's Windsor Spitfires, who guided his club's continuous commemorative cup tournament in 2009 and 2010. He won the two-year coaching award for OHL and CHL. Starting from 2007-08.


    In 2010, Boughner also served as assistant coach of the Columbus Blue Jacket. The current leopard team captain Derek McKenzie had a match with Columbus and played with Bogna.


    "You can see that things are born to him," McKenzie said at a conference call on Monday. "He's easy to relate, he knows his stuff, and I think there's a self-confident calm, he's not over Excited to get his message.

    The new coach failed to play the playoffs last season and cut off his job. A year after the Florida Atlantic forces were completed for the first time, two coaches - Gerrard Garland and Tom Rowe were cycling and suffered heavy casualties after the playoffs.


    On the other hand, Florida also has a wealth of talented young players, such as the defender Aaron Eckl Brad and Michael Matthewson, and forward Alexander Barkov, Jonathan Huberdo, Vincent Te Locke and Nick Bougstad. Boughner is likely to teach his former teammate Jaromir Jagr in the first two seasons, the 45-year-old unrestricted free agent is Panther.


    Boughner offers "I think I bring a lot of passion, which can be infected in the room." "For the style of the game, the first is the game's consistency (grade), we have to fight with five units, play fast, (defense) must be involved, it's a simple system, i think the player) would like to play like this "