The Warriors selected Tim Hardaway

  • 1994-95 season, the Warriors to 26 wins and 56 negative end of the season, averaging opponents get 111.1 points in the bottom of the league, but also to 18.3 minutes on a failure in the league list. In February 1995, Don Nelson was resigned because of poor team performance, by assistant coach Bob Lanier to take office. But the season is happy that Chris Gatlin hit rate of 0.633, ranked first in the league. In this season, the Warriors injury still failed to improve. A total of 15 players missed 325 games, these two data are the highest in the NBA.


    In the 1995-96 season, with the help of young players Latrell Sprewell and rookie Joe Smith, the Warriors won more than 10 wins. But the team still only 36 wins and 46 negative results, the third can not enter the playoffs.


    1996-97 season, the Warriors because Auckland Arena full renovation and the home moved to San Jose, in this temporary home hard to get 30 wins and 52 negative results. This season is Chris Mullin in the last season of the Warriors, the former dream team members are the Warriors history played the most players. After the season at the end of San Jose, coach Rick Adelman was dismissed, his total score in the Warriors for two seasons is 66 wins and 98 losses. Instead of Rick Adelman's PJ Carlesimo.


    In the 1989 NBA draft, the Warriors selected Tim Hardaway, and Chris Mullin, Mickey Richmond became the new cornerstone of the Warriors, the formation of the famous TMC Big Three, but in the competitive strength Very high in the league, the Warriors can only be the playoffs to accompany the team In the 1997-98 season, the Warriors also moved into new venues, the team replaced the new coach, uniform and team standard.