Horry has worked with Hakim Olajuwon

  • Although Tim Duncan is considered to be the greatest power forward in NBA history, but in the "key gentleman" Robert - Horry view, Duncan is not even the best big man he had worked together.


    Horry has worked with Hakim - Olajuwon and Duncan for four seasons, for Horry, the dream will undoubtedly have a better career.


    "No one can keep a big dream." Horry said in a recent "The Jump" program, "No one can prevent the big dream." This sentence I said twice, because the big dream is so dominant. When we played against the Spurs www.xfifa.com Tim (Duncan) broke me off at the low, but Phil (Jackson) refused to double the squad, and Big Dream was 20 times stronger than Tim.


    Although Horry admits Duncan is very hard, but he still believes that the dream of a better professional spirit.


    "I've been teammates with both of them, and I know their professional attitude, and I've seen it at close range," Hory continued. "I've seen them training in the arena. I know that big dreams are in training But I want to be a superstar, you have to upgrade to another level.I do not mean that Tim is not a superstar, I just said big dream It 's amazing to bring something to the game, and I do not think people know how much Olajuwon is.


    There is no doubt that Horry's remarks will cause a lot of controversy, especially the phrase "big dream than Duncan strong 20 times." In fact, this is not the first time in the public to take the old teammate Duncan open rush. Last year, Horry said Duncan was a very boring person.