Gleeszman proclaimed his stay in the team

  • Gleeszmann said in an interview, he will remain in the Atletico next season, the team suffered a sign in the case of the ban, Graceman decided to stay team and team side by side, which also means that at least This summer, Manchester United and Graceman are destined!


    Local time on Sunday, to accept a French television interview with a Telefoot, Gleeszman for their future to give a response. "The question about my future is a bit boring," said Atletico's appeal, failed to sign in the summer. After discussing with my sports adviser Eric Olhats, we decided to stay. Now the club is a tough time , If left now on the team is a heavy blow.We talked with the management, we will return to the team next season to start again.


    Gleeszman proclaimed his stay in the team, also means that Manchester United and Mourinho want to introduce the French shooter this summer, the plan failed. This result is not surprising, at the Atletico Madrid on the FIFA transfer LOLGA.INC ban after the failure of the appeal, almost all of the British media has been reported, Manchester United has cooled interest in Gleeszmann. Although Manchester United can still buy the terms of the buyout way to buy Gleeszmann, but Gleeszmann apparently do not want to go in the face of the team in the case of the horse to disregard, Manchester United do not want and horse game stiff.


    In the end, Gleeszman himself proclaimed his stay in the team. For Manchester United, this is undoubtedly a blow, the team this summer's signings blocked, the team had to re-adjust the target.