Ronaldo joined the Dutch club Eindhoven

  • Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, born September 18, 1976 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a Brazilian soccer player, the division striker, now playing for the Fort Lauderdale striker football club.

    In 1994, Ronaldo joined the Dutch club Eindhoven. July 27, 1997, with Manchester United in the season before the warm-up match for the first time on behalf of Inter Milan team played. In June 1999, the second time won the America's Cup champion, and won the top scorer. December 2002, the first time on behalf of Real Madrid campaign Toyota Cup, scored a goal, after the game was named the best audience. December 10, 2008, Ronaldo officially joined the Brazilian Corinthian club . On February 14, 2011, Ronaldo, who was tortured, finally declared his decision to retire and ended his 18-year career. February 2015, Ronaldo XFIFA officially confirmed to return to football, comeback for the US club Fort Lauderdale striker play.

    Ronaldo, Brazilian football player. World legendary striker, three times elected World Footballer, twice elected European Footballer of the Year. Announced its retirement in 2011. Back to football in 2015, come back for the Fort Lauderdale striker play.

    The Brazilian legendary striker at the 1970 World Cup is a mentor of Ronaldo. In 1990, he will be 14-year-old Ronaldo recommended to the Cruzeiro team, 16 years old, Ronaldo in Brazil under the age of 17 young team's goal rate has reached 57 games 59 goals, a star began to take the tip.