This year's Madden Championship

  • After the unbeaten battle of the Madden Challenge in 2017, it was questioned whether Matt "Beastmode Mac" Clark was worth winning He has a lot to be considered the smallest round robin, but Sunday dominated some solid rivals and ended him up the championship belt. This time, Beastmode Mac has a much more difficult road, and finally 16. Group C has some intense competition, including Peter "Litezout" Calefato. Can Beastmode Mac prove that he is not very lucky? It would be his fight.


    You have not misunderstood. Yes, this year's Madden Championship Buy Madden 17 Coins will receive a $ 500,000 bonus in the last 32 rivals, raising the total wallet to $ 1 million a year. The biggest amount in Madden's history will be awarded to these competitors in the next three weeks. This is not technically a prediction, but we predict the most exciting moves from top competitors and their goals.


    From April 29 to 30, May 6 to 7, May 12 to 14, live in twitch/ Madden in Los Angeles, watch the Madden Championship finals.