First need to solve the injury problem

  • Now, the East a little bit of strength of the team, have the opportunity to reach the playoffs. Before SportsLine had predicted that next season 76 people into the playoffs reached 80% probability. However, 76 people want to play before the playoffs, the first need to address the injury problem. Before the summer league in the fortress of the fort, many people are talking about the first round of the 76 people show curse, but fortunately, after inspection, Fulz's injury is not much problem, today Fuerz also specifically updated social media "Thank you for all those who worry about me." Yesterday, Ben - Simmons scene watch, 76 people in a game hurt two people, today's game, Simmons wearing a Manchester City jersey came to the scene.
    In the absence of the case of Fulz, today, the 76ers in the summer league, lost to the San Antonio Spurs, in the social media, 76 official sun out of a Spurs coach Popovich and 76 coach Lent - Brown's photo, and then wrote, "We are very happy." If you can stay healthy, next season's Philadelphia 76ers, do have the opportunity to reach the playoffs. In addition to Enby, Simmons, Fulz, the offseason, they also got Redick and striker Amir - Johnson. Today, Amir - Johnson also sunshine out of a 76 and general manager of Klangelo and Reddick photo.
    See Amir - Johnson sunshine after the former teammate Isaiah - Thomas, Horford and others have been up to praise. Interestingly, the little Thomas also ridicule Amir - Johnson, "after the pick and roll do not change the defense ah, or I will shake you upwards." And Johnson also responded, "Impossible, I will not let this happen of."
    Because of Hayward's joining, Amir Johnson had to leave the Celtics. Speaking of Hayward, after solving the problem at home, he has begun to enjoy the offseason life. Today, his wife had a picture of her daughter lying on Hayward's body, and then wrote, "she just nonsense for a while, and then fell asleep on my father." It is estimated that this time, the sea Ward thought, finally able to open the black. In order to be able to sign Hayward, before the Celtics also let go of Bradley. Today, the Pistons Reggie - Jackson issued a letter welcome Bradley, "Now, he finally did not have to defend me, but with my partner, Bradley, can not wait to play with you.

    Although the knights do not have any high rookie, but this year's summer league, they can play, play, they just beat the Houston Rockets, today Knight official in the social media updated a picture to celebrate the team in the summer The league made two straight wins. "2-0, our summer league team remained undefeated, Field had the team's highest 16 points and six assists."