Book ho and new aid to share the ball right

  • Earlier today, Jeremy Lin talked about the team's new aid, Angelo Russell. "They are too talented, he can shoot, you can use the dribble to create opportunities, he is very comprehensive, he can play point guard, but also to play point guard, he Height arm length, which allows him to play a different position, when he hit a bit when I can play on the 2nd bit, we can cooperate with each other, so I really do not worry about these ... ... the future most of the time, We will play around each other, we will share the backcourt. "Lin Shuhao said.

    From the US media reports, the Lakers guard Jordan - Clarkson today in an interview, talked about his name often appear in the rumors of trade topics. "This kind of thing will always happen ... ... network this kind of thing, people want is the click and the like. This is the Internet, which is part of the business. I love Los Angeles, I want to stay here, this year Continue to work. "2016-17 season, Clarkson played for the Lakers played 82 games, averaging 29.2 minutes played, can get 14.7 points 3 rebounds and 2.6 assists 1.07 steals, hit rate of 44.5%, three hit rate of 32.9 %.

    From the inscription Adrian - Wernalovsky reported that when the official announcement of the Knicks, to the Hawks restricted free agent small Tim - Hardaway to provide a 4 years $ 71 million invitation after their offer , Attracted the shock of the basketball community. The latest news shows, especially in the Knicks, many people do not understand the practice of high-level. 2016-2017 season during the regular season, small Hadavi on behalf of the eagle played 79 times, averaging 27.2 minutes to play, get 14.5 points and 2.8 rebounds and 2.3 assists.