To Barcelona! Win the championship together

  • This summer, Barcelona in the midfield signings on the wall, especially the bitter chase of a summer, in the end it is difficult to sign the Italian internationals, this case, Barcelona began to focus on the pursuit of Pauli, but then sent 20 million and 25 million euros offer have been Hengda refused, which makes Barcelona high-level distressed. The latest interview, Paulini again to Barcelona to show, and the West also pointed out that Barcelona hopes Brazilian international can pressure to Hengda.
    Nemal is doing the work of Paulinho's counter-work, the two are Brazilian national team friends, when talking about violent birds, Nei Maer said, "Paulini is my friend on the football field, I hope he can With the Barcelona contract, if you have him, we will win a lot. "" Without me, this club will fall into real trouble, and then I said sorry, the club let me record such a video, but I do not want here, if Paris Is a great club, then it should be grateful to me, not Ben - Alpha or Kerry Qiavejak, so we need to stop it all. Donato uttered everything for me, and I wanted to win the championship League, if the situation is still the case, I will smoke two packs of cigarettes every day. "Need to point out that the" team newspaper "of this video is also possible by the French media invented, because Villati's speech is too frivolous and Arrogant, even if the Italian international so think, it is difficult to really say it.
    Messi and Barcelona have just renewed to 2021. In this regard, Nemal also issued his own views, he said, "he can not leave such a star Barcelona, ​​we need to have him, our next season's goal is to win everything , Of course, have to enjoy football. "
    Nemal also praised the Spanish star Sebalos, "he is a great player, to Barcelona,then can become even greater."