Generous! Paris 160 million offer Mbapi

  • Mbabei is the first red man of the European transfer market this summer, almost all giants want to introduce it, and Real Madrid and Paris in the battle lead. French media revealed that Paris offer 160 million to buy Mbapi, Real Madrid want to get the possibility of the peerless genius is getting smaller.

    Originally Real Madrid for Mbabei will win, and in many competitors, almost no one can give more than 100 million offer. Prior to the British media have revealed that Arsenal will be at all costs for Mbepai, but see Real Madrid gearing up, the gunmen decisively choose to give up, instead of buying Lacazet (already official) and Le Mare. In this case, Real Madrid had thought that Mbapei has been at your fingertips, but this time Paris Saint-Germain halfway out(visit LOLGA.INC), which makes Galaxy wars off guard.
    France "Parisian newspaper" revealed that Paris has been prepared this week to the Monaco side of the offer to offer Mbapi, and they give the transfer fee of 135 million euros. Then the French media Le 10 Sport updated the news, Paris, the bid to reach 160 million euros, which will create a new record of world football transfer fee. Although the same league sworn enemy, but the face of such a quote, I am afraid Monaco can not refuse.

    In fact, the offer of Paris even if Real Madrid is temporarily unable to open, because they plan to sell Mora and J Luo are stalled, which makes Florentino embarrassing. In addition, Paris also Mbabei out of the 14 million annual salary, and the original Real Madrid would only give 6 million annual salary. Regardless of the annual salary or transfer fee, Paris are far better than Real Madrid, which want to get Mbipei difficult has been growing.