Zhan Huang in front of this person are kneeling

  • Today's Hayward is worth the billions of NBA all-star, but he was in the middle school had almost abandoned the basketball. Hayward arrived in Brownsburg high school height of 1.80 meters, although not very short, but his parents are 1.78 meters, from a genetic point of view, Hayward's height to enhance the space is limited. Technology is not pressure, Hayward was a technology, that is tennis. Hayward and twin sister Heather in 2005 partner participated in the Indiana tennis tournament, also boarded the local newspaper. Heather is already the first high school tennis team singles, Hayward if you concentrate on playing tennis, school team main right, but his favorite or basketball.

    Is it tennis or basketball? Hayward was hesitant, he worried that he did not play basketball in the future, even the school team can not enter. At that time, Hayward did seriously consider giving up basketball, at this critical moment, Hayward's mother to encourage his son and then insist on a year to see if there is no future in the field of basketball.
    Before deciding which university to join, Hayward gave Stevens a call, asked in detail about the school team's training time and the school's rules for the players to participate in other competitions. Stevens was puzzled, Hayward said he was going to participate in the video game tournament, so to see if the training time and school regulations and e-sports are contradictory.

    Hayward is the inspirational figure in the game world and is an excellent example of the children's use to refute the addiction of the game. Hayward juvenile period, as long as there is time, not playing the game, is ready to play the game, claiming that if the parents do not interfere, he will wake up all the time to play the game. Hayward's parents are intolerable, every day after 10:30 to break the home network, let his son go to bed. https://www.lolga.com/nba-live-mobile/nba-live-mobile-coins