Chelsea 3 years to sell players account for 400 million

  • After the end of the season, Chelsea's supermarket has been opened, as of now, Chelsea sold more than players, respectively, 20 million pounds to leave the Ake, 10 million pounds of Bergovic, £ 3 million of Solank £ 26.8 million for Quadrado, £ 6.2 million for Atse and £ 17.5 million for Traore. It is not difficult to figure out that this summer, Chelsea have booked £ 83.5 million, while the Blues actually have not spent a penny.

    And then the number of forward, the team also made a contribution to Chelsea, Shanghai, Hong Kong spent 60 million pounds on the introduction of the Oscar, and Jiangsu Suning spent 25 million pounds to introduce Ramirez, two super teams to Chelsea "contributed" to £ 85 million.

    In the last three years, Chelsea had sold £ 400m through sales players, and some other important deals included £ 50 million to sell Louis to Paris (Chelsea and Brazilian) and £ 37.1 million for sale Manchester United, £ 22 million to sell Schöller to Wolfsburg, £ 17 million to sale Felipe to Atletico, £ 11 million to sell Sarah to Rome, £ 10 million to sell Cecs to Arsenal Wait.
    In the past 12 years, Abramovich is the most expensive boss of the Premiership, but from the mode of operation, and now the Blues also slowly began to sell players profit, in the case of good income, the Blues also It is more emboldened in the transfer market to complete the signings, this summer, Chelsea close to the signing of Lvdig, Bakayoko such a strong support.