Jro transfer due to a small will be accelerated

  • Real Madrid won last season and the Champions League champions, but this is not much relationship with J Luo. The most recent year and a half, in the Real Madrid did not get the opportunity to J Luo frequently and leave the team together, and in this summer window after the opening, although the media still think J Luo left the team is a high probability event, but J Luo's home But always failed to really surfaced. Real Madrid is currently chasing Betis midfielder Sebalos, the Spanish media "Marca" analysis said that once the demon to join,(click FIFA Coins) will be directly declared J Luo Real Madrid's end, and his departure will also speed.

    J Luo in the 2014 World Cup blockbuster, won the World Cup top scorer, then Real Madrid to buy it, came to Real Madrid's first season, J Luo in the league to hand over the double assists double 10 + results. But in Benitez and Zidane's men, J Luo was not reused, in the last season's World Cup final, the Champions League final, J Luo did not get the opportunity to appear.

    In the past year or so, the news of the departure of J Luo constantly, Manchester United, Inter Milan and Juventus and other teams are also linked with the future of J Luo. But in the summer window came, the transfer market on the J Luo leave the news has become somewhat scarce, in the media view, this and Real Madrid insisted for J Luo price 75 million have a great relationship. Although J is a star player, but the past two seasons play can not convince the wealthy team took out such a huge amount of money to buy people. At the same time, J Luo himself though not happy in Real Madrid, but his wife is very fond of life in Madrid, and J himself also has to stay in Real Madrid to prove their minds.

    But with Real Madrid offer 15 million euros to buy Betis teenager Sebalos, J Luo continue to stay in the possibility of Real Madrid will be reduced. "Marca" that Sebaroz will join the collapse of J Luo's last straw, after all, Sebalos is Real Madrid's future choice, once the teenager to join the warships, J Luo's departure negotiations will accelerate.