McKee wants to stay in the Warriors

  • According to the San Jose Mercury report, sources said that if the market price difference is not, then Javier - McKee is willing to take less money to stay in the Warriors. According to previous reports, the Warriors can go up for a $ 2.1 million basic salary contract for McKee. 2016-17 season regular season, McKee played 9.6 minutes, you can get 6.1 points 3.2 rebounds and 0.9 blocks; in the playoffs this year, McKee played 9.3 minutes, you can get 5.9 points 3 rebounds and 0.9 blocks. From the basketball name Chris Hayes report, sources said the Wizards restricted free agent Otto - Potter plans to meet with two teams before deciding which offer to accept. Previously, the Wizards have provided a premium offer for Potter, making him a restricted free agent. After that, Potter met with the king, it is learned that Sacramento is willing to give(visit LOLGA.INC) Potter out of a 4-year $ 106 million top salary contract. But in addition to the king, the eastern part of the Nets also interested in the strong wave.

    According to the Los Angeles Times reporter Brad - Turner's report, sources said, completely free agent La Jane - Rondo and the Lakers are interested in each other. It is reported that Rondo's camp has been with the Lakers had a preliminary contact, but the two sides have not yet reached any agreement. Analysts believe that the Lakers just want to Ronaldo out of the contract for one year, and the reason why the Lakers introduced Rondo, is hoping him in the future to become Langzo - Bauer's mentor. A few days ago, Rondo was cut by the Bulls, 2016-17 season regular season, he averaged 26.7 minutes in Chicago, contributed 7.8 points and 5.1 rebounds and 6.7 assists.