J Luo forced the Buddha to join Manchester United

  • Recently, on J Luo want to leave Real Madrid is not a secret. Colombian star in Zidane under the hands of the lack of reuse, bent on going to transfer, including Inter, Manchester United and other giants are hoping to get him. But because of Florentino a mouthful of 70 million euros transfer fee, making this transfer is very difficult (click OnlineGameShop) . Recently, according to Catalan media reports, J Luo has been forced to Florentino Palace, hope that the latter can put their own to join Manchester United.
    In the summer transfer market, Manchester United's number one signings was originally Gleeszman. The results of the horse was FIFA ban on heavy penalties, Gleeszman eventually thanks to the mentality of the choice to stay in Madrid. In this case, the spare tire is so right. Under Mendez's line, Manchester United and Jro settled a personal contract. And J himself I am also very yearning for joining Manchester United.
    According to the Catalan media "Diario Gol" reported, J Luo has clearly told Florentino, hope he can put himself to Manchester United, do not set the transfer fee on the obstacles. In the transfer fee, Real Madrid's asking price of not less than 70 million euros. Three years ago, when the acquisition of J Luo, Real Madrid spent 80 million euros for him, but Manchester United did not want a substitute for Real Madrid players out of such a high price, so the negotiations are not smooth. At this time J Luo to the Lafayette pressure, said he left Real Madrid just want to go to Manchester United, I hope he can open a side to let their smooth join.
    J Luo played in the last season on behalf of Real Madrid played 32 times, scored 11 goals, assists 11 times, showing an efficient side. Last season, the Champions League final, Real Madrid 4-1 victory over Juventus successful defending, but J even the big list did not enter, which also makes J Luo determined to leave Real Madrid this summer. And now, J Luo only hope to early to Mourinho hands, for his career draw a new starting point.