Barcelona stars to win the Golden State Warriors win

  • As we all know, football stars and NBA stars often interact, in the truce, you can often see football players to watch the NBA. After the end of the season, Nemal also flew to the United States to watch the second finals.
    While the Barcelona more than the players and the Warriors are good relationship. Messi ins fans more than 30 million, Curry had to give Messi a signature jersey, and Messi is reciprocating Li said that when the library fans to reach 10 million, he will give back to each other a signed jersey.
    After winning the Warriors, MSN and Pique were recording video to congratulate each other to win. However, in view of the Barcelona stars are now in the holiday, it is clear that these videos are first recorded, there are Real Madrid fans jokingly, it is clear that Barcelona also recorded a video for the Cavaliers, to see who won .