Grams of city to be strong inside the organization point

  • Knight's other big problem is that the offense is too much emphasis on the outside line, and in the paint and there is no real ability to complete the end of the players, although the blessing in some games to complete the task of insider attack, but once faced tough tough defense , His soft wind is exposed, and can not rely on personal storm to open the situation, even during the finals of the face of Thompson's defense are helpless.
    Defensive end, the knight also exists no small problem, first in the personal defense, starting lineup in the Carrefour, Owen is not a strong defense, the lineup in the Deron, Frye, Korver are also very Obviously defensive short board, in the game a lot of time, the knight had to use double-team defense to limit Durant and Curry, is bound to cause Thompson or Green's vacancy opportunities, which is their defensive end personal ability defects under the helpless Lift.
    And in the face of the Warriors continue to empty cut and no ball cover, the Cavaliers will often keep up with the rhythm of the Warriors, often be left behind, which is a lot of teams will encounter problems , but it is music Blessing, Korver and so on, will let the warriors can be more unscrupulous frequent cover, so that their offensive strong point to face the knight's defense short board, and the effect is often immediate. Therefore, the Cavaliers need to strengthen the inside is tough and stable attack and defense players to replace the location of music, music is clearly not suitable for this and the Warriors to break the wrist of the Cavaliers.
    Perhaps this year's free agent market in the city of Ibaka for the Knights will be a good choice, Ibaka also has a stable long-range shooting ability, the ability to end in the basket is also stronger, while defensive end mobility and physical quality are also Stronger, for Durant or Green's defense will be a good supplement, he has also proved his defensive ability, Moreover, and Durant did a long time teammates, will let him in the right Durant There are some advantages, and in the Green and the fight will not fall into the next. But his problem is older, this season Ibaka has been a sign of the decline in the state, but perhaps for the knight, this is enough. Ibaka, the free agent market like Thai - Gibson, Olli Nick, etc. will also be a good choice.