Near the end of the head Gronkowski: no doubt next season will

  • Rob Gronkowski received a back injury in December last year, but he said he would be ready to take part in the reign of the New England Patriots.The proximal front told ESPN that he "no doubt" will be ready to play 2017 season.
    Gronkowski's surgery is to treat the back of the third intervertebral disc, the injury problem goes back to his college age. The injury was due to the Seattle Seahawks security guard Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) of the violent impact. Gronowski was also absent before hamstring injuries and lung contusions.

    Throughout his career, 27-year-old Gronowski has received eight surgeries. He played only eight games last season, only two times in his career regular season attendance.
    Despite suffering from injuries, Gronkowski did not have a plan to hang up quickly. "I'm really not sure," he said, as he was asked how much he planned to play. "I still like to participate in the competition, for now, I want to play as long as possible for some time my idea is to continue to play.
    In the case of Groncowski's history of injury, the question of the offseason this year is for patriots whether it is willing to give a high-paying contract to Martellus Bennett End position to provide insurance.