KD can be difficult to support the background

  • The field of the most exciting ball from the third quarter of the first 9 minutes, James hit the ball quickly hit the top of the paint area, want to pass but his teammates have been stuck their position and missed the offensive opportunity, only anxious to hit the ball To rebounds, after landing their own fast take the ball to complete the dunks, with a Tracy McGrady classic self-deduction from the completion of the attack (get more NBA Live Coins from lolga)  .
    After two rounds, Durant made a response to the break caused by Folao foul, because Carrefour hit Durant head, both sides are malicious fouls are controversial, the development of the final James and Durant direct speech confrontation Argue for several rounds. But in the game, Durant is still difficult to solve the problem of knights, three did not finish the score has more than 30 points.
    The end of the third quarter, in the Deron hit the third, Curry immediately to respond, James did not hesitate to pull the top of the arc also hit three points, knight with 19 points advantage to end the third quarter. Came to the distal, the Warriors steals to launch fast break, James and JR at the same time back to block, the two air hit together both fell to the ground, Zhan Wong today to defend the home life, the distal did not give the Warriors any chance.

    The audience finished, James 22 shots 11 scored 10 points and 10 rebounds and 11 assists, the final nine times three times more than the magician Johnson, with the performance of the stroke to hold the Cavaliers home. Durant 22 shots 9 scored 35 points 4 rebounds and 4 assists, personal attack is still sharp, but unfortunately the knight cut and teammates of the connection, the whole was knight's containment.