Do not blame the Otta Di Di blood back to Manchester City

  • In the friendly match last Friday in Melbourne, Argentina 1 to 0 victory over Brazil, but in the end of the game a scraping, the Brazilian striker Jose Tulsus was the Argentine defender Otamendi's elbow hit the eye , And then the former will be stretcher carrying the field.
    Although the injury did not imagine the serious, but allegedly orbital fractures of the hot Sousse or was temporarily excluded from the Brazilian national team's big list. Nevertheless, he did not blame Othamendi's meaning, insisted that Manchester City teammates will not be bitterly , because he thinks the Argentine defender is not intentional, it will not affect the relationship between the two.
    "(This action) no bad heart, is a very common confrontation, he is not intentional," Hoters said in an interview with SporTV, "his arm is naturally falling, but very lucky me Was jumping up, we hit together, but in his point of view there is no bad eyes.
    "We talked later in the locker room, he sent me a newsletter, he was a good man." Hots added, "These are part of the game, he did not do anything wrong." The 20-year-old Brazilian international Really missed the Tuesday friendly match with Australia, he will return to Brazil for further inspection.
    As Manchester City coach, Guardiola certainly do not want to see the disciples were injured in the continuous distress, in his age need to play more experience. In fact, he was very optimistic, he said: "We do not know the exact degree of injury, but nothing to worry about .If I have to accept surgery, then come on. After my holiday, I Will return to Manchester in 100% (physical condition).