England new team leader to turn the tide to avoid 32 years of s

  • Guest Hampton Park stadium, England suffered black three minutes, originally 1-0 lead, but Scotland Feng Pa Griffith 87 minutes and 90 minutes for two consecutive free kick break, so that the three lions 1-2 behind. Seeing England to eat this world premiere first defeat, tasted the last 17 games in the first round of the first defeat, but the first three minutes of Cairn's second pass Stirling pass the ball to grab the break, so that the three lions 2-2 shocking draw The After a false shock, although the draw to catch up to see a glimmer of hope, but England is still in the group to continue to lead.
    This game, for the time of the Savior of Kane, the meaning is quite significant. Before the game https://www.lolga.com/fifa-18 , England coach Sausgate announced that Kane will serve as the three lions captain of the game, "Kane is one of the players I give the opportunity to be one of the players, the other players have been captain, To give him this opportunity in tomorrow's game, it's a great glory for any player and their family, and he's definitely the same for him. He ended up in a beautiful way last season, and we've been with him For a long time.We understand his personality, know that he can become one of the world's best players, our team both individuals and collectives have not achieved the desired results, but they have great potential, we Is starting on the road.
    Including the BBC, including many media, said Kane became the team's new captain, which means the end of the Rooney era. For the first time as the England captain, and the stoppage time to turn the tide to turn the tide, to avoid the team lost, Kane's captain of the debut, called the perfect action with the interpretation of the captain's responsibility, and show his big heart characteristics. Kane's time-saving Savior, let England to avoid 32 years of shame, because they last lost to Scotland, but also dates back to 1985. It should be noted that England's last-stage tournament defeat, but also dates back to the 2010 round of the second round of the South African World Cup, when England away 0-1 lost to Ukraine.
    Last summer, Kane in the European Cup on the bleak performance, was seriously questioned outside, but the performance of the Premiership, has proved that he is a world-class striker, 2015/16 season, Kane 38 league league scored 25 goals , Won the Premiership gold boots; this season, Kane 30 league scoring 29 goals, successfully defending gold boots; statistics show that Kane past three seasons a total of 139 appearances, scored 94 goals. So, in England to score is inevitable, not the goal is accidental, the game time to break the stage, that is, Kane's normal play. England's future, it is clear that it will rely on Kane to fight, he has used action to declare a new era.