Manchester City official confirmed this summer second sign

  • Manchester City official confirmed to sign Benfica goalkeeper Edson, a week ago Benfica has announced the news in advance, Edson's transfer fee will reach 40 million euros, he will be officially registered on July 1.
    Last season, Guardiola rally put the effectiveness of Barcelona's Chilean door god Bravo, but Bravo in the Premiership performance is bad, was buckled on the "regent" hat, plus Caparillo this summer contract expires , So Manchester City is bound to introduce a new goalkeeper.
    Edson is 23 years old, Brazil U23 goalkeeper, height 1 meter 88, 2015 summer from Rio de Aiwei transfer to Benfica, so far, he represented a total of 58 appearances Benfica, lost 39 balls, zero closed 32 times, which Season played 40 times, lost 27 balls, zero closure 24 times.
    Edson's outstanding performance helped Benfica break the monopoly of Porto, won two Portuguese super champions, one Portuguese League Cup, one Portuguese Cup and one Portuguese Super Bowl, and he will be the second in history Your goalkeeper, the transfer fee is second only to Juventus in 2001 when the acquisition of Buffon 55 million euros spent.