The magician says Showtime Lakers can sweep the Warriors

  • "Magic" Johnson has said that Showtime season, the Lakers can sweep the Warriors. In this regard, Drummond - Green responded with laughter. This year's Finals Warriors 2-0 lead the Cavaliers, some gaming companies believe that if the Warriors and 96-year-old bulls all the duel, they are more optimistic about the Warriors. As the Lakers president, the magician said he did not forget the Showtime season when the Lakers. The Showtime Lakers won a total of five championships in the 1980s. "If we meet the Warriors now, we may sweep them because they are too short."
    As early as June last year, the magician said Showtime Lakers can beat the Warriors, but then Kevin - Durant has not joined. At the time of the interview, the magician's point of view was: "You've never seen players like Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson, but they've never been against our team.  , I will be tired of him; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James - Worthy will be tired of them.
    After the day of training, when the reporter asked the dream, how to look at the magician's remarks, Green laughed and said: "This is my reaction." This Warriors have the opportunity to create a Showtime Lakers never created Over the feat. Up to now, the Warriors remain undefeated this year (14 wins and 0 losses). If you win 2 games, then, will become the history of the first 16 wins and 0 win the team!