The Falcons took over the support of the family from the family

  • Mohamed Sanu, an outsider of the Atlanta Falcon, is an unknown player.

    Recently a young athlete sat in the back of Muhammad in an opportunity, he and his family in order to thank him for his example, wrote a touching letter to him.Muhammad wrote in his own Twitter: "This kind of letter made me happy from my heart ."
    The letter wrote: "Hello, you do not know us, but we would like to thank you, our son took the opportunity to sit in your back row, has been watching you, he saw you learn your tactics, see You have chosen healthy food and drink.He sees how you treat each person friendlyly, he is only 10 years old but he has been trained in an elite ice hockey team, and we are also on the way to training while your behavior Inspire the child, you should be proud of this, thank you, the family sitting behind you.
    If you are curious about Muhammad's choice of food on the plane, then he takes the initiative to write on his own Twitter is bananas and some orange apple juice.