Record acquisition of iron Wei

  • Portugal super-Porto, Benfica and La Liga are all famous European black shop, they are low prices to attract high-priced players to sell, and then get a high price difference, a few years ago to earn pots. Fuxing on the road to spend countless Juventus has also become the potential of the new black shop, last season's Bogba is the best example. Today, the rumors of Chelsea offer Bonucci, the Bianconeri is open, willing to listen to more than 55 million offer.
    One day before the British media "Sun" exposed material, Chelsea coach Conti hope to former disciples Bonucci led his arms, urged Chelsea offer Juventus Wei Nuobu Qi,  the Blues for the first time out of 48 million pounds (about 55 million euros ) The high price. Only one day after the rumors have the following, "slow shot" disclosure, the players themselves and Juventus clubs are inclined to listen to multi-offer, Juventus just want to sell a high price, if Chelsea and Manchester City offer more than 55 million euros, the old woman Sit down and talk.
    Is not to say that Juventus eager to sell Bonucci, Italy media exposure material simple interpretation: Juventus in Bonuqi transfer on the issue of open-minded, but he is Juventus BBC backbone, sell also sell high prices; "more than 55 million euros "Is a big range, though not clear, but more than David - Louis 50 million pounds (about 57 million euros) World football defender transfer fee record is yes, and now Manchester City and Chelsea two bid is a good record opportunity.