Finals G2 penguins 198 seconds 3 ball hit ignorant predators

  • The game, the predators did not make any changes to the lineup, and penguins, the game has a good performance of the Rust is mentioned in a group, Ku Nick partner Malkin and Kassel, Ganser on Three groups, and Wilson came to four groups.
    Both sides played a positive initiative, the scene began to become hot, first of all the raptors of the three groups of defender Erwin from behind the knocked down veteran Coulomb, then Penguin's Koonitz and take advantage of the predators of the first defender Sutan fell to the ground With a club cross on his neck. 9 minutes, Kunitz and Malkin at the same time foul, give the Marauders 5 to 3 chance, but only 1 minute after Fischer foul in front of the team lost a great opportunity  .
    The first 13 minutes, away the brigadier of the battle to break the deadlock, teenager Arberger played the world wave, he received his teammate Avidson's passing from the left after the break, he pulled the ball from the piano penguin head defender horse After the tower suddenly into the door, facing the goalkeeper Murray he calmly waiting for each other to make a fight after the reaction and then pull the ball on the corner of the network, 1-0.
    3 minutes later, the penguin team to use less chance to equalize the score, Kunitz in the distance from the bottom line of the Xie Rui, who directly small angle shot, although Rene to make a save, but no one in front of man-mark Of the Gan Zeer small angle backhand fill the score rewritten to 1-1. The first section of the last moment, the predators in the penguin in front of the continuous onslaught, but fortunately Murray performance calm, hold 1-1 score, shot on the number of predators to 18-12 lead the first section.