NBA Finals PK King glory

  • Mark Polo, the current shooter a brother. In the king of the glorious system, Marco Polo once used 6, called the divider, especially in the professional clan game , Marco Polo often lead to both sides of the competition. Reason without him, there is damage to the displacement, just a skill, you can play into tons of damage.
    Looking at the NBA, Marco Polo and Curry are very similar. Reasonable, Marco Polo speed is not fast, but very flexible, the library can also use their own skillful pace, so that opponents can not be prevented; Marco Polo positioning is a strong ADC (shooter), Curry is also the Union, but the super shooter; once the development of molding, Fully equipped, Marco Polo can carry the audience, as the core of the war in the group output, the same, once the library to find the feeling, the same people to kill people, Buddha block to kill the Buddha. In addition to a very important one is that Marco Polo is not easy to get started, the league, but also find another player similar to the library.
    As a veteran in the pesticide, they will use the lessons of the blood to tell Meng new, Marco Polo how terrible, a skill consumption, continuous shot bullets, and the rapid shooting speed, often inadvertently, will be destroyed half of the blood tube. Two skills displacement, can be retreated, can be chased to escape, as Curry's footsteps and breakthroughs, often being underestimated. As for the three skills big trick, into the crowd in a meal flurry, let the bullets fly, and like the library unreasonable three points, often in the decisive battle, played a fatal role. There is no doubt that all this is like a very library, by virtue of unreasonable metamorphosis, in the last season's MVP selection, the library to get the whole vote.
    In all the ADC, Marco Polo is the most difficult to win the hero, but once proficient, is the sub-divider; as all the shooter, the library is the most special one, as long as the ball in hand, , In the absence of signs of the case, you can play a set of outbreaks for the team to bring surprises.