Zhan Huang said defensive Adu will be a challenge

  • Opponents Cavaliers coach Tyler - Lu is full of respect for the Warriors, "they are the best team I have ever seen, they are currently 13 wins and 0 losses, every year is always in the stability of the record. Warriors do so, they play particularly good basketball.

    Warrior guard Kerry - Owen looks a little hopeless, "to imitate the Warriors attack is basically impossible, we do not have time to disappoint, they use our mistakes to play too many times to change the offensive score, get easy layup and vacant three Kick the ball, which we must limit each other. Warriors attack effective from the second half began to take the initiative. "Full match Knights of the number of 20, the Warriors for the four.
    LeBron - James was asked why the Cavaliers were defeated, and James simply replied: "KD, who was one of the best teams in league history last year, we witnessed in the regular season and the playoffs This https://www.lolga.com , and then they got such a talented player in the offseason, how to limit him, it would be a challenge.

    LeBron admitted that the team missed too much, "I have too many mistakes today, the team 20 turnovers, and let the opponent scored 21 points and 56 points in the paint area.We are very good on the third defense, but they Other aspects of performance even better. "As for the long break before the finals whether there is an impact, James said: "No, I do not think so, because the Warriors game is unable to imitate. Now from the first game to know the opponent's situation, this is a good thing , We made a lot of mistakes, they used this, the next few days have the opportunity to see where they are outstanding performance, how to make up for what.

    "The game is very important, but we can have a better performance, we must have a better performance." This is obvious. Data statistics these things may not explain anything, but the game video will not lie. The game is tough, but we can learn something from the video and get better. "