The predator of the superstar pass Rui inside

  • Back to the predators of the promotion of the road, with a variety of heroes, in the first two series in the performance of the brave defender Ellis, there is no one can be in frontcourt Ju Hansen and Fosbury, There are in the backcourt of the Soviet Union as the Rockets and Ikehom, but only one person's role irreplaceable, that is the goalkeeper Rui inside.

    Nashville predators since 1998, so far, in the active players, no one can like the 34-year-old Finns, waiting to touch the Stanley Trophy on the road, first-class is 11 years, he is the current goalkeeper broke into the final Of the Stanley Cup final, in the playoffs to win the most goalkeeper this season, Rene finally got the Stanley Cup finals tickets.

    Twice won the Finnish Hockey League top championship trophy, the 22-year-old Rene in 2004 was predators selected in the eighth round. At that time he was known as the American country music scene of the city, this piece of concert like gorgeous Arena ignorant, and even the North American ice hockey league, but also little understanding, Peka - Rui inside side Find the information about Nashville from the Internet and set foot on the journey to North America.

    Two months ago, the Brisbane Stadium, the Marauders team together with the fans together for Renee held a grand celebration ceremony, that he was in the NHL's first 500 games, from a tight stand in the game rookie Become a leader, Renee surrendered 267 victories, 42 times the zero closure, 13,963 times to save, 91.7% of the success rate of the satisfaction of the answer, in addition, he also nominated three times Vicenza Award .

    "In the predators, no one can replace the role of Peka - Renee, he is always on the track to keep the state, the progress of the people. Rene has experienced all the ups and downs of the team, know the team all the joy "The predators of the predators, David Boyle, are not stingy with respect for Renee's love." Compared to the playoffs of the first two seasons, he helped the team to move more and more Farther. "