CP3 will not leave Los Angeles!

  • Recently came the Paul and the Spurs scandal, according to the line of the Spurs are exploring the possibility of CP3. If Paul is on the Clippers, he can get a big contract for a total of more than $ 200 million over a five-year period.

    "I do not think the Spurs have a chance," said Vaughan,(come to www.lolga.com) "I do not know where the rumors come from. This spring I studied the Spurs for a long time and they wanted CP3 to destroy the entire salary space. It's almost impossible for the team! ""I mean, the Spurs really want to upgrade the lineup, but for a career good time only the last few years of 30 + point guard, the Spurs need to pay a high price, so really get CP3 is very unlikely I still think that the Clippers are almost sure to renew the contract with Paul.

    According to statistics, if you join the Spurs, Paul's book losses close to 60 million US dollars. "Leaving Los Angeles and this huge market is huge for Paul's loss in money," says Vaughan. "He also has to consider his family, plus 32 years old, he needs more secure money." "Before that, Clippers coach and president Doug - Rivers said he believed Paul would not go to the Spurs, "of course, he (Paul) is definitely staying in the Clippers.

    Paul has been in the league for 12 years, this season, regular season he played 61 games for the Clippers, averaging 31.5 minutes played, surrendered 18.1 points and 9.2 assists 5.0 rebounds 2.0 steals data.