Not affected by the relocation of racers season ticket sales wo

  • Earlier this year about the Auckland Raiders to move the news of Las Vegas overwhelming, but it seems that all this has not affected the team's ticket(you can find at Madden 17 Coins)  sales. 

    According to the San Francisco hurricane news, the team has completed the 2017 season season ticket sales work, which may be a good sign to let the team stay in the Bay Area in 2019.

    "We did not hear any rumors from the team 's official news, but what you know now is what we can see from the NFL blog," said the interviewer in charge of the team' s venue ticket.

    It is learned that the raid and the course of the lease is to 2018 season, but the team's new casino stadium may not be completed by 2020.

    Raiders returned to Auckland in 1994, after they spent 13 years in Los Angeles, but in March this year, the team boss passed the rally of the relocation of the resolution.