The finals mean more for them

  • Knight Warriors will debut the finals of the game, the championship is the common goal of the two players, but there are some players have other tasks, they will be(visit LOLGA.INC)  in the finals after the end of the team will face their own contract. Finals for them, is a rare opportunity, the finals is the most beneficial players play the big stage, a good play may bring tens of millions of contracts, the following we look at who is expected to use the finals The springboard to get a big contract? After the middle of the season to leave the Mavericks, Deron did not hesitate, and soon joined the knight at the basic salary, as Owen's effective substitute, and with the Cavaliers welcome the first career of the final tour. Delong has long been no longer peak, but he will not only worth a basic salary. He was only to fight the championship in the playoffs this season, the game played 15.4 minutes, you can get 5.6 points and 1.2 rebounds and 2.5 assists, if the finals can have a better play, he will get deserved Of the new contract, while the knight is to win, will also affect his future choice.

    Wheat season in the warriors usher in a new life, although he played less time but will be able to make a contribution, his contract is only a $ 980,000 unprotected base salary contract, the warrior to his task in the field is very simple, empty Dumplings, baskets, show the abnormal physical talent, which also achievements of the McKee, the playoffs so far, McKee in 10.5 minutes to produce a 7 points 3.2 rebounds and 1.1 blocks and 74% hit rate report , The efficiency is very high. His current performance should be the middle class contract, and the finals opponent's center position is not strong, he is expected to shine to get a greater fat about.

    33-year-old Pachulia will become a full free agent this summer, last year in order to chase the championship, he accepted the Warriors less than $ 3 million annual salary of the contract, the playoffs so far, Pachulia starting 10 games, averaging 14.5 minutes to produce a 6 points 4.3 rebounds and 0.4 blocked shots of the transcripts, he played in a limited time to the warriors to provide a lot of help, its cover and control for the warriors in terms of great significance. West after the "pad feet" incident, Pachulia was pushed to the public opinion of the whirlpool center, there are fans joking that should pay to Zaza, although this can not come true, but when Zaza struggled, the Georgia The hero needs to prove his strength.