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  • 20 years old you are the peak of the body of life, you are rich in the year, you are eager to succeed, you optimistic and enterprising, weak years of fresh clothes anger horse, ambition pointing to the country, as if the world in the grasp of the future unlimited possibilities. However, the reality will often give a simple dream of a head-on blow, 20 years old as if you have nothing, full of anxiety, you are full of the future is slim. You looked at the front of a mountain, once again asked himself: I can go over it? Are you still at first? Do you remember when you are young? 32-year-old LeBron led his unit to win the playoffs nine straight, just finished to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become the second in the history of the playoffs second player. Walking on the legendary road, behind those young people must lead the waves of envy: one day, I will go beyond him? In the plane on the plane, in the shuttle hall of the bus, in the deafening arena, 30-year-old James will have a moment, think of the 20-year-old that their own. 20-year-old LeBron physical quality bursting, he is almost hoping for the success of hunger and thirst, ambition pointing to the country, as if the world in control. 30-year-old James also remember that 10 years ago, the finals were swept, followed by the Boston Big Three was eliminated, looking at the future, he remembered his 20 years old when the pain. 20-year-old James in the opponent's mentality under the mentality of the problem, the 2010 Eastern Conference semifinals by the green jersey army will encirclement, the series after the three battlefield averaged only 21.3 points, hit rate is terrible 34%, 3 games Mistakes 19 times. "Teammates told me that they tried to speak to LeBron, but LeBron did not pay attention, he seems to suffer from mental stress," in the 2009-10 season and James side battle O'Neill recalled, "some things in troubled LeBron I had thought that he could take over the game at any time, but for some reason he could not do it in 2010. 20-year-old Jordan is not it? June 3, 1990, Detroit Auburn Hills Palace outside the team dedicated parking. A man sitting in the bus after the row of heart choked, he was the NBA's ability to the strongest players, but at this moment is into the pain of the abyss difficult to extricate themselves, he is Michael - Jordan, that year he was 27 years old. 27-year-old Jordan sports ability bursting, MVP, the best defensive Customized Basketball Jerseys player award, scoring, all-star and a series of honors, has long been his income in the bag, only a championship will be able to officially board the league's strongest throne, But Jordan and his Bulls in the playoffs for three consecutive years by the Pistons eliminated. Just before the tears in Jordan, the Bulls in the Eastern Conference finals in the 74-93 tragic massacre, Jordan scored 31 points and 8 rebounds and nine assists and solitary hands, his best partner Pippen because of the inexplicable migraine 10 vote only 1 In the other Titans Horace - Grant 17 in 3. "I am sad and angry," Jordan told his teammates, "I am desperately in the game, but you do not have a person like me. Those guys kicked our ass, smashed our hearts, trampled Our dignity! " 20-year-old Bryant and O'Neill parted ways, Bryant full of ambition, but then suffered the embarrassment of the playoffs (2004-05 season), when Bryant averaged 35 points per game single-game 81 points of the brave performance of the Lakers Back to the playoffs, but by the sun a blow. Lakers "clever" Gasol, in 2008 to return to the finals, the results were beaten by the Celtics custom jerseys lost helmet armor, the sixth round of the series even lost 39 points. O'Neill is singing happily: "Bryant is not me." 20 years of experience through the ups and downs, so James in the beginning of the year to become a better team leader, he not only through the older people such as Olajuwang learn to practice back and forth singles and other technology, but also polished Out of a more tough mentality. 2015 Eastern Conference semifinals fourth, Knight and Bulls 1.5 seconds before the final draw, Knight coach Bratt designed James serve as a bait, let the Cavaliers teammates to complete the lore of the tactics, James directly to the coach's tactics wipe off, He told Blatter: "The ball to me." Next, James completed the lore. 2015 finals, James Owen and Lok Fu injury in the case, averaging 35.8 points 13.3 rebounds and 8.8 assists in the performance of fierce battle warriors three giants. 2016 Finals before the four battle, Knight total score 1-3 behind the Warriors, the fifth home in the Warriors, James before the game through the mobile knight group sent a message to his teammates. "I'll make sure you go back home to play the sixth game," James wrote. James made his words, he was in the fifth field under the 41 points to save the match point, the sixth war and then take the 41 points will be brought into the tie seven, the seventh field to produce 27 points and 11 rebounds and 11 assists and three pairs of transcripts, NBA history first finals 1-3 big comeback appeared, this time James 32-year-old boarded the top of his career. In 1993 the first three consecutive years, Jordan over 30 years of age. In 1998, when the second three consecutive championships were completed, Jordan was 35 years old, when his athletic ability declined, but the spiritual strength and technology had reached the world. 1998 Finals sixth game, Pippen trapped back injury, the Bulls all rely on Jordan to carry a person. The last moment, Jordan has no physical strength, but a strong willpower to support him. When the Stockton jump shot to make the Jazz in the lead before 41 seconds ahead of 3 points, Phil - Jackson called the suspension of tactics, but Jordan did not follow the coach's design to perform, he rely on their own experience and reading for the game Ability, with a breakthrough layup, a steal, one by one to get rid of defensive textbook jumper to solve the fighting, the whole process without teammates touched the ball, Jordan with the most basic basketball skills to win, this is the years of precipitation Of the epee no front work. In the 2008 finals after the sixth game of the defeat, the customized jerseys 30-year-old Bryant began to reflect, and then usher in the transformation. For Kobe Bryant's change, Jackson had the best understanding, he had Kobe Bryant called "not adjustable players", the first time during the Lakers had asked the management of the transaction Bryant, but when he saw the 2008-09 season that failed in the inspiration Kobe Bryant, he knew that Bryant was not the same. "Kobe Bryant used to lead the team by way of example, he is more than anyone else to work hard, but not the kind of ability to communicate effectively with his teammates, so that everyone is in line with the leaders.If he and his teammates, usually ' "Kobe Bryant made a change in the 2008-09 season, he began to contain his teammates, in the road when the teammates invited to go out to eat, they are no longer Is Kobe 's attendant, but his partner. Gold rush need a million times the filter, although very hard, but only so can scour mud, find shiny gold. The success of life, such as the sand wrapped in gold, you need to open layers, only to see the real gold, and this process is undoubtedly bitter and hard, but it is essential. 20 to 30 years old, is a professional player physical condition of the golden age, such as ribs wings pedal wind and fire wheel, but the lack of experience, lack of experience, in the face of more sophisticated opponents often suffer, such as Jordan's year Pistons, James on the Spurs. 30 years of age, after 10 years of ups and downs, the accumulation of harvest began to turn into a driving force for success, although not as before as athletic ability is vulgar, but also more stable inside and outside the stadium, to better control their own mentality , Better use of technology, better drive teammates, Accumulate, victory into a matter of course We do not like Jordan, James and Kobe as they have the talent, but we have in the 20-year-old carrying a grand dream, that they can flew thousands of miles, shooting rain wind and rain, but not deep in the reckless, scholar mood of tender , Will let us in the reality of this life on the wall hit a badly beaten. But how can we grow up without the baptism of wind and rain? "Those who wish to hide in the shelter of the harbor, rather with the rough waves of freedom." Patience, persistence, effort, will eventually let you see hope, luck Ye Hao, the opportunity worth mentioning, is always left to prepare people. As long as you do not give up their own, the fate will not give you, when you smile to meet the success of the time, will miss and appreciate that year after the crying dry tears continue to move forward you. Mochouqian Road, the total will come. We do not have a halo like Jordan, James and Kobe, but why can not we do our own Jordan, James and Kobe? "When young, all the displaced will be the consolation of the future, the youth of the flame, is a vibrant life. They flash light, reveals a bright, remind us that we have been so young, so dare to break, ever Afraid not afraid, what can be accepted and patience.