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  • Bryant - Bryant has announced his retirement, but he did not completely leave the basketball, according to "black Mamba" I revealed that the small Thomas take the initiative to call him to ask for advice, and he is willing to every young man. In addition, Bryant also talked about the Cavaliers and the Warriors, he said that if the two teams again to join the finals, is not a bad thing. Small Thomas this season's performance is widely recognized last week, he revealed that in each playoff game before and after, he will contact Kobe Bryant, and "Black Man Pakistan" to watch the game video, and Bryant also Twitter Publicly praised the small Thomas has "Mamba spirit". Kobe Bryant in an interview confirmed and little Thomas had a lot of exchanges, at the same time, "Fei Xia" that small Thomas is not the only one to take the initiative to seek advice to his active NBA star. Bryant also revealed that he and Kerry - Owen, James - Harden, Westbrook and Gordon - Hayward have maintained contact, it seems that he is willing to communicate with young players. "I'm at their side at all times," Bryant said. In fact, Bryant on December 30, 2015 the last time guest TD North Shore Garden Arena, he and Thomas is not too familiar. In the playoffs this year before the play, small Thomas's sister died due to a car accident, Bryant on the phone to the small Thomas made valuable suggestions. "I told him, 'listen, I do not know if you should make a decision to play or not, obviously, no one can really feel your feelings,'" Bryant said, "but I told him, One of the advice I give you is that if you feel like playing, you go hard to fight, and on the pitch you may be calm down. "I am happy to help him, he has the courage to ask me for advice," he said, "I am very happy to help him." He has the courage to ask me for advice. When young, I also asked Michael - Jordan, "Bryant said. In addition, Kobe Bryant revealed that he went to a number of places such as Jabbar, Jerry - West, "Magic" Johnson, Olajuwon, Bill - Russell, Larry - Bird and other neighborhoods, which helped him more Grow fast and progress. Kobe Bryant stressed that he is willing to do Customized Basketball Jerseys the young players mentor, last summer he also helped Gordon - Hayward, "Fei Xia" revealed that they really appreciate Hayward, even the Lakers rivals Celtics players, Bryant is willing to dump Capsule is granted, small Thomas is a good example. Knights and Warriors in the playoffs before the two rounds are swept their opponents, in the east and west seems customized jerseys to have an absolute advantage, is expected to join the third consecutive season finals, but many fans that the alliance is not a good thing. In this regard, Bryant also gives their own views, "(Knight and Warriors join the finals) why is a bad custom jerseys thing? There is no reason, is it just because they are destined to meet, say it is a bad thing? think."