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  • your hands and use them to actually do something. Replay MUT Coins fails at a crucial time: In a story that hasn’t received much attention (likely because it wasn’t a national game and it happened to the way-out-West Cardinals), the 46-yard fumble return by Panthers LB Thomas Davis for the opening score in Sunday’s

    Carolina victory never should have happened. The Fox feed wasn’t available at Bank of America Stadium nor the ’s officiating headquarters in New York on that play because the system had failed and was being rebooted. A league source said that once the feed was available, it was determined that the play should have been ruled an incomplete pass and the Cardinals should have faced 4th-and-6. That’s a huge screw up on a big play, (but it’s still

    no excuse for Arizona falling behind 24-0.) The race for the 2017 draft's No. 1 pick: Who might get it, who they might take Slow your roll: Turner’s departure could work out for Vikings: It’s certainly unorthodox to have the offensive coordinator of a 5-2 team resign in the middle of the season like Norv Turner did this week. And reading the tea leaves, it’s likely that coach Mike Zimmer made some pointed criticism toward Turner and wanted some changes

    in the offense going forward and Turner wouldn’t relent (Turner told ESPN the two  Buy MUT Coins had different views on the offense; Zimmer denied any disagreements). But in my opinion, Zimmer was right. Given the injury issues on the offensive line and the talent on the Vikings, Turner’s refusal to dump his deep-drop and longer developing plays were a big reason why the Vikings were trounced by